Hajar M Shirley

Health Innovation & Technology Professor, Digital Strategist, and Researcher

Hajar Shirley, MS

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Hajar Shirley is an experienced health care technology leader, researcher, and educator with a demonstrated track record of delivering strategic efforts in both health care and higher education industries.  As the former Global Head of LifeScan Commercial Technology at Johnson & Johnson, Hajar Shirley led global efforts centered around strengthening Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies’ (Lifescan, Animas, and Calibra) global reach via delivery of patient-centered initiatives, new digital business development, and expansion of the OneTouch megabrand to new and emerging markets.   In addition, Hajar held a variety of leadership roles across Information Technology spanning across Commercial, Supply Chain, Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs, and Information Security during her tenure at Johnson and Johnson.

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Team Xaminate - FALL 2020 Design Challenge

Xaminate solves a gap in medical school education. Capstone team designs a virtual mobile application that provides medical students with a real-life visual experience of diagnosing and providing medical care to a virtual patient.

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