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IDEA: Summer Experience Design – Industry Liaison and Internship Program Design

Summer 2021

IDEA: Healthcare Innovation and Technology

Spring 2021 Experience

Road to COVID-19 Vaccination: Exploration of Innovation, Design Thinking, and Healthcare | Office of the Provost (rutgers.edu)

Seminar Director: Hajar Shirley, MS

Special Collaborators: Johnson & Johnson, St. Peters Hospital, and Rutgers Global Health Institute

The IDEA Healthcare Innovation and Technology seminar aims to deliver an experiential learning journey that connects students with diverse thought leaders to facilitate the opportunity for innovation and community impact.  During the 10-week seminar, students will engage with leaders from St. Peters Hospital, Johnson & Johnson, and the Rutgers Global Health Institute to understand unintended impacts of COVID-19 while learning about innovative response and recovery efforts (i.e., humanitarian response, vaccination discovery and deployment, etc.)  driven by each organization. 

During this experience students will navigate through engaging talks – learning human centered design practices, leadership mindsets, and innovative approaches to driving humanitarian response during such unprecedented times.  Students will acquire hands-on experience and will have the opportunity to unpack issues faced by New Brunswick communities – while working alongside thought leaders to explore potential solutions.  This experience will lead to consideration for a competitive-paid internship during the Summer of 2021. 

IDEA: Health Innovation and Technology - FALL 2020 Design Challenge

Led by: Hajar Shirley: i.d.e.a Experience Designer

Black Tech Health Hack (BTHH) is the first annual hackathon organized by Black Technology Professionals (BTP) @ Johnson & Johnson.  This event brings together diverse talent to solve real world problems facing J&J and the larger communities served.

During Fall 2020, BTHH leveraged machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of Amazon Web Services to explore problems in health disparity, workplace of the future, and digital transformation. 

With a minimum criteria of Sophomore status to be eligible for the hackathon, BTHH welcomed a special team of i.d.e.a Hackers to participate.  

The outcome:

The IDEA team was the highest-scoring in the Health Disparity problem area and the highest-scoring team overall!

i.d.e.a. Student Winning Team:

  • Scott Rubin
  • Maximilian Handler
  • Fauzan Amjad
  • Sanjana Sure
Previous Rutgers Engagements:
BTHH Panel: Purposeful, Experiential Learning Panel - Healthcare Innovation and Technology Capstone
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